Normandy Beach Residence

Located in the barrier island summer resort town of Normandy Beach, New Jersey, the Marvel Residence is a quaint 100 year old family vacation home sited about 250 feet from the Atlantic Ocean on a sandy 40' x 100' lot.  The front section of the home's foundation and deck structure was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and required extensive repair during the first phase of the project.

Next, a full renovation of the existing first floor sun porch that was also damaged from the storm was to be included along with a small 108 square foot addition of a new second floor covered porch.  The covered porch was designed to fit directly over the footprint of the first floor so no variances were needed.  A small adjoining dormer was also added to the east facade capturing views of the ocean and allowing for additional natural daylighting and ventilation to the existing dimly lit second floor / attic space.

The biggest challenge we had on this project was to solve the client's program and stay within a fairly tight budget since their insurance only covered a small portion of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. Also, like most projects along this area of the New Jersey shoreline, the lots are very small and the homes are quite close, requiring careful design sensibility to keep the scale and massing of the addition appropriate for its surroundings.  


Marvel Residence, Normandy Beach, NJ (front elevation)