Sketch Book

Quick detail sketch, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, 2012

Black marker on paper

New Moon Cottage to be Published

We are proud to announce that our New Moon Cottage project in Harvey Cedars, NJ will be featured in the upcoming Dec / Jan issue of Coastal Living. Completed in 2010, the project was originally photographed for us by architectural photographer Sam Oberter, however for this upcoming feature article CL had decided to re-shoot and style the home themselves.  We look forward to seeing the finished work.  

Nice Article in the July 2014 issue of Architect

While waiting for the service repair guy to show up today I had an opportunity to kill some time so I decided to read the current July 2014 issue of architect.  I came across this interesting article about a chapel that was designed by Anshen + Allen of San Francisco back in 1954.  The project was also the recipient of an award from the very first P/A Awards. Note the member of the jury.


Normandy Beach Residence

Located in the barrier island summer resort town of Normandy Beach, New Jersey, the Marvel Residence is a quaint 100 year old family vacation home sited about 250 feet from the Atlantic Ocean on a sandy 40' x 100' lot.  The front section of the home's foundation and deck structure was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and required extensive repair during the first phase of the project.

Next, a full renovation of the existing first floor sun porch that was also damaged from the storm was to be included along with a small 108 square foot addition of a new second floor covered porch.  The covered porch was designed to fit directly over the footprint of the first floor so no variances were needed.  A small adjoining dormer was also added to the east facade capturing views of the ocean and allowing for additional natural daylighting and ventilation to the existing dimly lit second floor / attic space.

The biggest challenge we had on this project was to solve the client's program and stay within a fairly tight budget since their insurance only covered a small portion of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. Also, like most projects along this area of the New Jersey shoreline, the lots are very small and the homes are quite close, requiring careful design sensibility to keep the scale and massing of the addition appropriate for its surroundings.  


Marvel Residence, Normandy Beach, NJ (front elevation)

Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers always make me think of summer.  Living along the shore an outdoor shower is an absolute neccessity, espescially if you spend anytime on the beach.  Its a great refreshing way to rinse off after a day of surfing or swimming.  Here's an image of one of our first outdoor shower designs.  It was actually a coversion of an old 1921 garage into an outdoor shower and surfboard storage shed.  It was featured in Coastal Living back in April 2004.  Story by Jeff Book and photography by Sara Gray.


Surfer's End Nine Years Later

Here's a shot of our Surfer's End project about nine years after it was initially completed.  The 2100 square foot house in located in Point Pleasant, New Jersey along the Manasquan River. Over the years it has received a great deal of recognition including feature articles in Style 1900, Home, Arts & Crafts Homes, and a wonderful Houzz Tour by Becky Harris.  The original 1921 garage to the rear of the property had been renovated into an outdoor shower and surfboard shed even before the new home was constructed in 2005 and was featured in Coastal Living back in 2004.

Front Elevation of Surfers End

Sketch Book

From time to time we will be posting random sketches, drawings, and photos past and present. These will just be random images from travels, in studio design sketches, etc., etc. This particular sketch was done of the Roman Forum, Rome, Italy around 2005.  The medium is sepia tone marker on white sketchbook paper.

Marvel Residence, Normandy Beach

Here's a recent shot of the nearly completed Marvel Residence in Normandy Beach. This project involved the reconstruction and renovation of the first floor sun porch along with a porch addition to the second floor.  The general contractor is Monetti Custom Homes from Brielle.  Let us know what you think.


Current News

Richard Bubnowski Design has been honored to once again receive the Best of Houzz Awards for both Design and Customer Satisfaction for 2014 for the third consecutive year.

Also, our New Moon Cottage project in Harvey Cedars, New Jersey will be featured in an upcoming issue of Coastal Living in late 2014. New Moon Cottage will also be included in a new book by Annette K. Stelmack, entitled "Sustainable Residential Interiors", set to be published in spring / summer 2014.

New Moon Cottage, Harvey Cedars, Entrance Elevation (photo by Sam Oberter)