Projects by Location from 2004 - 2018

Bay Head

Jerakis Residence (exterior porch addition and kitchen renovation) 2004

Conlin Residence (interior bathroom renovation) 2007

Kruse Residence (outbuilding renovation) 2008

Kruse Residence (master suite and family room addition) 2011

Barr Residence (exterior renovation) 2012      

Conlin Residences (house lift and exterior renovation to two 100 year old beach houses) 2013 

Katz-Metcalfe (family room addition) 2016 

Katz-Metcalfe (exterior remodel, deck and patio design) 2016

Beach Haven

Shannon Residence (addition and remodel) 2011


21 Plus Residence (interior kitchen remodel) 2011

Bradley Beach

Devane-Weber Residence (master suite and kitchen addition to a 1920's arts & crafts style home) 2015


Fisher Residence (house lift, remodel and second story additions to an existing bayfront residence) Mantoloking Shores 2012

Marvel Residence (second story porch addition and interior remodel) Normandy Beach 2013

Strutt Residence (master suite addition, kitchen remodel and exterior redesign to an existing riverfront residence) 2016

Essex Fells

D'Avella Residence (master suite, dining and guest suite room additions, kitchen and exterior remodel) 2015

Harvey Cedars

McWilliams Residence New Moon Cottage (new 1800 sq. ft. waterfront residence) 2008


Domings-Melnikoff Residence (addition and exterior remodel) 2007

Domings-Melnikoff Residences (house lift and remodel to two beach houses) 2013


Mooney Residence (addition and remodel) 2010

Rooney Residence (new 2900 sq. ft. bayfront residence) 2017


Bracer Residence (interior foyer redesign) 2013

Little Silver

Jindal-Houston Residence (kitchen / dining and master bath addition) 2013


Liste Residence (kitchen / dining and exterior remodel to an existing mid-century modern beach house) 2019


D'Avella Residence (master suite addition and kitchen remodel) 2016

McCabe Residence (new 2500 sq. ft. residence) 2018

Hagerstrom Residence (house lift, remodel and addition) 2018


Togneri Residence (exterior poolhouse and site design) 2007


Edrington Residence (landscape and site design) 2007

Floristean Residence (front entrance addition and exterior remodel) 2014

North Caldwell

Fish Residence (interior townhouse remodel) 2007


Ersolmaz Kitchen (interior kitchen remodel) 2014

Point Pleasant & Point Pleasant Beach

Andrusaitis Residence (second story addition and exterior remodel) 2000

Surfers End Outbuilding (renovation and redesign to an existing 1921 garage) 2003

Surfers End Residence (new 2100 sq. ft. residence) 2004

Liotta Residence (new 2100 sq. ft. residence) 2007

Carlin Residence (exterior remodel) 2007

Lauder Residence (kitchen addition) 2013

Goldstein-Henriquez (kitchen and bath remodel) 2015

McGovern Residence (new 3000 sq. ft. riverfront residence) 2018

O’Connor Residence (exterior remodel to an existing riverfront residence) 2019


Warner Residence (kitchen and deck addition) 2009


Sea Girt

Slomin Residence (vestibule addition and exterior remodel) 2012

Antinori Residence (interior and exterior remodel) 2013

Seaside Park

Celentano Residence (new 3000 sq. ft. residence) 2018

Spring Lake

Carmody Residence (new 5000 sq. ft. residence) 2009

Carmody Hanging Bed (custom hanging bed furniture design) 2010

Carmody Table (custom work table furniture design) 2011

Toms River

Office Building Concepts (facade studies) 2005

CLDD&S Law Offices (interior office design) 2005

Lopez Residence (master suite addition) 2007

Bailey Residence Silver Beach (new 3500 sq. ft. oceanfront residence) 2009

Decatur, GA

McLaughlin Residence (new 2100 sq. ft. residence) 2013

Oakland, CA

Rothbaum Residence (kitchen island furniture design) 2012

Nosara, CR

Miller-Bates House (new residence) 2005